We’re transforming the way kitchen and bath businesses convert leads into lasting client relationships. The traditional approach wasn’t cutting it. 

Too many potential projects were slipping away. Numerous remodelers and their teams were overwhelmed, trying to juggle all the demands and clients.

What sets Super Susan apart is its unique ability to not only collect and organize these leads but also to record and store all related communications, including calls and messages. This ensures that no potential client slips through the cracks and provides remodelers with a holistic view of their customer interactions.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled support services to kitchen and bath remodeling businesses, aiming to create the ultimate growth system in this industry. We focus on providing innovative tools and automation solutions designed to build a solid reputation, enhance open communication, and foster trust between remodelers and their clients, as well as potential clients. Through these efforts, we strive to empower kitchen and bath businesses to achieve sustainable growth and success in their projects and client relationships.


Super Susan: Revolutionizing Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

At Super Susan, we’re more than just a lead management tool; we’re a dedicated partner in your remodeling business journey. Founded by a seasoned remodeler who understands the industry’s unique challenges, our platform is designed to revolutionize the way remodelers handle leads.

We tried various marketing strategies during our early days, but they consistently fell short of our expectations. Time and again, we encountered marketing firms that promised the world but delivered far less.

This realization brought us to a critical juncture. We were struggling with keeping up with lead follow-ups while simultaneously trying to deliver exceptional service to our current clients. Prospective projects were slipping through our fingers due to our inability to juggle everything effectively. Meanwhile, our competitors were eagerly capturing these missed opportunities.

Unlock Growth with Super Susan

Out of this frustration and the urgent need for a solution, Super Susan was born. Initially, it was our internal tool designed to streamline our processes and improve our outcomes. However, it quickly became apparent that what we had created had the potential to revolutionize the kitchen and bath remodeling industry.

If you’re experiencing similar challenges, there’s no reason to continue in a cycle of frustration and inefficiency. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ve crafted a solution that automates these complex processes. Now, we’re offering Super Susan to you, complete with all the features that transformed our business, and at a value that makes it accessible for all remodeling businesses.

Embrace Super Susan and step into a world where lead management and customer engagement are streamlined and effective. Join us at Super Susan, and let’s reshape the future of kitchen and bath remodeling together. Welcome to a new era of efficiency, growth, and client satisfaction!

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